Omri Tindal


Upcoming star Omri is een rasperformer. Hij zingt een nummer waarbij Anna en Juvat een dans opvoeren.

Een korte impressie

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Lees hier meer over Omri of bekijk zijn de website van zijn band Omri and the Alphybes.


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  • "MILKY WAY" writing session
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Afraid of his own Darkside, he can't let her in his heart...
But she's telling him she'll always be there, not afraid of anything. Her words: "I'LL FOLLOW YOU TO THE MILKY WAY AND BACK"
A strong and patient woman saving the him from his own destruction
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"Breathe" soon!
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Model: @moyawenno
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Last shooting day, let's start the edit

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  • For the Love of Music and Life
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There's nothing more important then having fun at work,
So this TuneTuesday goes out to my band members
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( @loissmacdonald We miss you) .
Roses - @andre3000 still amazing

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  • I'm practically blind without them glasses 🤓 but my other senses they work just fine 🐺
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Enjoy the week
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Throwback to an amazing song today

Artist @aichagill - Last Love Letter
Keys @jerfromusic
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  • Monday vibes in the kitchen
"family crown"
~I wanna see more people being proud of their hair~
  • * I thought I was talking to batman, when I realized I lost the smart watch *⌚ Yes I'm friends with the batman 🙄

Ps. April's coming

Volg Omri!


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